What If?...

"What would happen if we put engineers and artists together to design something?"

"What if they designed a miniature golf course for Downtown Dayton?"

"Why not?!"

Be a part of this innovative project that will show off the best of our region's talents as we look to design the ultimate miniature golf course on the planet.

Putter Up Dayton
A collision between Dayton area engineers, techies and artists could result in just about anything.

Putter Up Dayton is what's happening!

Guided by some baseline requirements, we’re putting teams together to design a single hole and result will be 18 holes of the most amazing miniature golf you’ve ever seen.

But the creativity doesn’t end there. We’re forming teams to generate community investment, to promote this to the community. We’ll need creative folks to plan and install the course.

Have we got your attention yet?

Calling all Dreamers and Doers, Leaders and Followers.

Want to get involved or looking for more info? We are just a phone call or e-mail away, or stop by and see us on Courthouse Square at The Collaboratory. We are located 50 feet south of Boston Stoker and are open M – F from 10  – 4.


Maybe you can’t invest a whole lot of time. Maybe you don’t want the responsibility of managing a team, or maybe you’ve never done this type of thing before. No experience necessary, there’s something everybody can help with.

Want to be on a Dream Team?

You can form your own team or you can be part of a meet-up event where you can find a team to join.

Join a Team

Putter Up Dayton is an initiative of  The Collaboratory 

The work of The Collaboratory is building a stronger, more engaged
and connected community and a more thriving region,
by unleashing and leveraging the potential of our people,
organizations and physical assets.

That’s a fancy way of saying We Get Things Done.


At The Collaboratory we practice what we preach. Putter Up Dayton is coming out of the box with three amazing partners:

Dayton Tech Guide

Supporting tech innovation, commercialization and start-ups.

Dayton Visual Arts Center

Dayton’s non-profit contemporary art gallery and artist resource–providing art for the community and a community for artists since 1991.

Make It Dayton

A grassroots group of Makers organizing Maker events and supporting the Maker community of Dayton, Ohio.


UpDayton inspires & empowers young professionals to create the Dayton, Ohio they want – a thriving place to live, work and play.

Where will Putter Up Dayton be?

The final location for the site is still being planned. We know it will be in the urban core. The vibe Downtown is getting stronger and we plan to make it even more compelling.

Our goals for Putter Up Dayton include being part of the movement to boost economic development in downtown by creating a not-to-be-missed destination.

People want to be in the city. More housing is being planned, more restaurants, places to meet friends, gardens, galleries, and now it’s time to start adding more activities. The more people on the streets in a city the more businesses and people want to also be there. We’re inviting you to be part of the experience of building the city you want to live in and bring your friends and family to visit.